Thank you to everyone who came out to visit our booth at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas this weekend. We had a blast meeting all of you!

It was a great weekend for Versa Gripps USA. The expo was packed on Friday and the special show color, “Wintergreen” was a huge hit and nearly sold out the first day. Jim Stoppani, PhD, was at the Versa Gripps booth the following day to meet with his fans and answer questions about his fitness regime. Also on Saturday, Versa Gripps visited the premier Super League competition at City Athletic Club. The energy at both the convention center and surrounding the competition ring for the Super League was exhilarating! Throughout the two-day show, Versa Gripps offered promotions including VG drawstring Backpacks, Stickers, Wrist-bands, and Shields of Strength stainless steel necklaces. Shields of Strength was unable to attend the Olympia this year due as they volunteered their assistance in the cleanup of Hurricane Harvey. Versa Gripps donated funds to their Point27 non-profit charity and also helped to give Sheilds of Strength a presence at the expo.

Following the Expo Versa Gripps also did an all-day open photo shoot at City Athletic with many of the top athletes from the fitness industry. The renowned fitness photographer, Noel Daganta, known for shooting many front covers led the Versa Gripps’ shoot. Fitness Professionals included Iris Kyle, Holly Barker, Carissa Johnson, Jason Schweitzer, Danny Thai Hester, Renee Porter, Isabella Larsen, Trevor Larson, David Morin, Abe Cruz, Jae Jung, Leland Wakamatsu, Matt Okubo, James Ellis, Hidetada Yamagishi, and Big Ramy! The inventor of Versa Gripps, Michael Parker, was also present at the shoot and was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm. Each one of these professionals stand behind Versa Gripps and use them in their everyday workouts. Keep an eye on the Versa Gripps website in the next few weeks for some photos and articles featuring these and future athletes.

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