What are Versa Gripps?

Proven as Absolutely the Best Grip in the World

Gracing the pages and front covers of top fitness magazines, Versa Gripps are used by athletes, celebrities, and professional sports teams all over the world. Made in the USA with only the highest quality materials and unmatched workmanship, Versa Gripps eliminate grip fatigue and enhance muscle isolation in pulling & pushing exercises for maximum muscle gains. Versa Gripps outperform gloves, lifting straps, wrist supports and hooks.

Versa Gripps empower all athletes to train better.

  • Made in the USA
  • #1 patented, self-supporting grip
  • Secure one-hand grip & release movement
  • Comfortably eliminates grip fatigue & failure
  • Built-in arch support offers carpal tunnel protection
  • Locks grip in place for complete control
  • Made of strong, high-quality non-slip material exclusive to Power Gripps USA
  • Quick Release feature makes it safe & easy to release the bar
  • Ergonomically designed to protect hands & wrists
  • Secure hook & loop closure around the wrist
  • Protects hands from unsightly calluses
  • Innovative wrist support: a funnel-shaped design allows the weight to rest at the base of the hand
  • Superior quality and workmanship

How to Use Versa Gripps

  • How to Wear Versa Gripps

    Begin by inserting the end of the wrist strap through the rectangular metal ring so it creates a large loop, then slide your hand into the wrist strap. Once in, grasp the palm piece securely, aligning your thumb with the cutout (indicating a right hand and left hand grip) and tighten the strap with the other hand. The Versa Gripp should fit comfortably around the wrist (not too tight!) with the palm piece standing up in front of your hand.

    If you have a large hand and find it difficult to manoeuvre your hand through the loop (as described above), there is an optional way of putting Versa Gripps on. First, securely hold the palm piece in your hand making sure the thumb cutout matches. Then, use your other hand to weave the long wrist strap through the metal ring. Tighten the wrist strap by gently pulling the strap back onto itself. Perform the same steps with your other hand.

  • Performing a PULLING Exercise

    Performing a pulling exercise like a dead lift, shrug or chin-up, Versa Gripps are designed to fit securely (not tightly) around the base of the weightlifters hand. When worn with the proper fit, the user is able to easily turn the rubber palm piece around to the back of their hand when they are not being used. They are not designed to fit tightly around the wrist while doing a pulling exercise. Versa Gripps will not damage the hands or wrists by over-tightening the way that a strap would. They will not restrict blood flow, movement, nor will they damage nerves. Versa Gripps provide a secure hold onto the weightlifting bar.

    With the Versa Gripps standing in front of the palm of your hand, position the lifting bar between your palm and the gripping portion of the Versa Gripp (Versa Gripps should be on the outside of the bar). Using the tips of the fingers, fold the thicker end of the grip over the top of the weightlifting bar, between the bar and against the palm of your hand. Grasp the weightlifting bar as you normally would. At this point you are locked on and ready to pull.

    If you have large hands, the length of the gripping portion is adjustable. Simply loosen the strap around your wrist and allow the end of the palm piece to rest farther up toward the tips of your fingers. This will provide more gripping length to wrap around the bar for weightlifters with larger hands. It is not necessary to wrap the Versa Gripps around the weight bar to achieve a solid grip. Over the top of the bar will do it. Locking on to the lifting bar should take only a split second. If you cinch down the Versa Gripps very tightly and rub them against the grooves on the bar, the stitching will wear out much faster. Simply touch the rubber to the bar as described above, and you are locked on.

  • Performing a PUSHING Exercise

    The human hand and foot are anatomically symmetrical. Your feet have arches as well as your hands. Arch supports are important for your feet. They are also necessary for your hands when doing a pushing/pressing exercise. You should support the arch of your hand and your wrist during weight training.

    Built into each grip, is an arch support that works like a bridge over the arch of your hand. The arch support is firm and stiff, yet flexible enough to wrap over the weightlifting bar when performing pushing exercises.
    The padded wrist closure that attaches the Versa Gripps to the user’s wrists is designed for ease of operation, comfort, safety and support. Position the Versa Gripps farther up on the wrist, then pull the strap tightly around the wrist. This gives excellent support as well as protection from calluses.

    With the palm piece of the Versa Gripps lying against the palm of your hand and the weightlifting bar resting on top of the grip, grasp the weightlifting bar as you normally would to perform a pushing exercise. If you cinch down the Versa Gripps very tightly and rub them against the grooves on the bar, the stitching will wear out much faster. Simply touch the rubber to the bar as described above, and you are locked on.

  • Style and Size Matter

    Versa Gripps come in three styles: Classic, Pro and Fit. The main difference between the Classic and the Pro, is that the palm piece is longer, providing additional support when doing regular strength training exercises like deadlifts with heavy weights. The material on the Pro Series has also been doubly reinforced just for this purpose. If you are someone who is regularly lifting a lot of heavy weight in your training program, then you probably want to order the Pro rather than the Classic Series.

    The Fit was designed with women in mind. It is a smaller version of the Pro, however many women love both the Pro and the Classic due to the wider gripping portion and the wider wrist strap. These features make it more comfortable to lift heavier weight on a regular basis. Be sure to read more about each of our products before deciding which style is right for you.

    It is also very important to order the correct size in the style that you prefer. To do so, take a measurement of the circumference of the bony part of your wrist. Then, click on the style that you are interested in and scroll down to the measuring chart. Your wrist size will match up with the correct size you should be wearing. Remember, while they should fit securely, Versa Gripps are NOT DESIGNED TO FIT TIGHTLY around your wrist. In the case of pulling exercises, they should actually be loose enough to land at the base of your hand. That way, the pressure is not on your wrist.

    Click here for the size charts for each model as well as more instructions about how to measure.

VIDEO: How to Use Versa Gripps

by the inventor, Michael Parker

Dumbbell Squat

Kendall Pasley, Fitness Model | Noel Daganta, Photographer

Dumbbell Row

James Ellis, Fitness Model | Noel Daganta, Photographer

Shoulder Press

Squat Row

Charlotte Oldbury, Fitness Model | Photographer, Noel Daganta

Barbell Lunge

Brandon Budlong, Fitness Model | Photographer: Noel Daganta

Reverse Bicep Curl

Matt Christianer, Fitness Model | Photographer: Noel Daganta


M.O., Fitness Model | Noel Daganta, Photographer

Side Lunge

Isabella Larsen, Fitness Model | Noel Daganta, Photographer

Rolling Ab Crunch

M.O., Fitness Model | Noel Daganta, Photographer

The Science Behind Versa Gripps

By Michael S. Parker, Founder and Developer

Our grip is our weakest and most vulnerable link to a successful workout regimen. Like a chain, we are only as strong as our weakest link. The success of our workout depends upon our connection to the weight. Fatigue, due to high repetitions using lighter weights or failure due to a heavy weight, is caused by an unsupported and/or unprotected grip. This can result in dropping the weight, cutting a set short due to loss of focus, or even injury. The grip is comprised of a group of small finger flexor muscles in the forearm. These finger flexor muscles (see diagram) are connected to the fingers by tendons passing through the wrists.

Also running through the wrists are arteries for blood flow, and nerves. These small finger flexor muscles allow the hands to hold onto and carry the weight on the weightlifting bar. In order to gain maximum development and isolation of the larger muscles in the body – such as the back, arms, and chest – the grip and hands need to be protected and supported.

Versa Gripps eliminate grip fatigue and failure
They allow the user to concentrate on the larger muscle groups while not thinking or worrying about their grip. When you no longer have to worry about losing your grip or your grip becoming fatigued, you will then be able to concentrate on and appreciate the mind/muscle connection. Huge gains will be experienced.

Versa Gripps are used for all pushing (as in bench press) and pulling (as in deadlift) movements in strength training. The patented Versa Gripps take the place of gloves, lifting straps, hooks, and wrist supports. By using Versa Gripps, both types of movement are accomplished safely, easily, and comfortably.

Unlike lifting straps that are difficult to use (particularly over your head), Versa Gripps are flexible, self-supporting, and stand-up in front of your hand. This design makes it quick and easy to reach them with the tips of the fingers on the same hand that is wearing them.

The gripping portion is made of a proprietary material that is ruggedly reinforced, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial. This gripping material, engineered exclusively for Versa Gripps, is designed to remain tacky and grippy throughout the life of the product. The grip is wide enough to cover the width of the hand offering protection from the knurls of the weightlifting bar as well as protection for calluses.

Other weightlifting gloves encase the entire hand and become a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Versa Gripps allow the hand to breath, offering freedom of movement for the fingers and the thumb.

Another valuable feature is their ability (should it become necessary) to immediately release the weight. Simply let go. This is not possible when using straps or hooks.

Innovative Uses







My name is Randy Herrera. In 1988 I had an accident. I got my arm pinched off between a crane and the ground. By miracles taking place, they were able to save my arm. For the next two years I had 18 more surgeries. At the end of two years I have a artery from my leg in my arm, rods down the center of both bones, bone from both hips, muscle and skin from my back, skin from the front and side of my thigh.

My main problem is before my accident I weighed 195 and worked out all the time. The doctor said me being in such good shape saved my arm. My brother got me up and working out as soon as I could. I am missing some muscle in my forearm and when I make a fist my hand rolls upward. Not being able to pull has made it hard to get bigger.

It was in 2002 that I found Versa Gripps in a magazine. I bought a pair and my life has changed ever since. When I left the hospital I weighed 132, at 6’3″ I looked horrible. Now I weigh 225 with a 8% body fat. Versa Gripps has been a godsend for me. I am 50 now and my family says I look 35.

Thanks so much! I will continue to buy Versa Gripps forever!

Randy Herrera